About Hat Care

Straw hat deformation how to restore, hat because may logistics transportation problem, beloved hat deformation is also opinion very heartbreaking thing, we collected some for you to deal with this kind of terrible event small method, may be able to help you.

1, with a can fill the boiling water of the solitaire class (to conduct heat well) put the hat upside down the best is suspended put with hot water put people inside put 10 minutes will be good remember after recovery do not immediately put it away it is best to put in a place that can not touch put a night on all right.

2, whether it is brought into the bathroom with a lot of hot steam or in a small space with a basin below the hat with hot water, with plastic bags throughout the set to let the straw hat of the grass becomes soft, then use newspaper kneading into the size of the straw hat inside the circle, and then according to the shape of the straw hat kneading shaping some, and then let the hat in the shade put, wait a while, the grass becomes dry hat will be shaped.

3, the straw hat soaked in warm water, let stand for ten minutes, fished out after propping open in the shade to dry, if not ideal then use the hair dryer, according to the desired look in the case of support blow, pay attention not to burn. Immediately recover.

4, with warm water soak for a period of time, probably is with hand touch up more soft on, then wash and find a balloon blow to river straw hat within the circle as big, that is, balloon can just put up the straw hat old hat will not fall so, and then get to the shade to dry, hat is restored to its original shape, after the hat does not bring also so stored, later will not be deformed, for any fear of pressure hat.

5, if is edge deformation words first water wet edge, and then adjust to the original appearance, and then put in the house surface sun dry can, pay attention to can not be exposed to the sun.